Steady run

Steady running at Marathon Goal Pace

The longer your race gets, the more important it is that you go out at race pace. Not faster. It is often said, that for every minute you gain in the first miles of the marathon, you lose five minutes in the last miles. Knowing what you can and cannot do is of utmost importance when running the marathon.

For a long time runners have believed that long slow running is the key for a good marathon. Of course, you need to do your amount of long slow runs but also do steady runs at marathom pace.


Steady-pace runs are done at a pace which some athletes describe as marathon pace. Long, steady runs should be done at a pace that can be maintained for 40–60 minutes with relative ease. Scientists estimate the ideal intensity for a steady-pace run is a pace equivalent to 70% of the individual runner’s VO2 max (approximately 1 minute per mile slower than 10K race pace). A 40–60 minute continuous run at this level of intensity has been found to be ideal for developing the cardiovascular system, improving the capillarization of muscles, and enhancing the body’s efficient use of its energy sources.


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