7 more sleeps to Chicago

This is the final week of tapering for at least 11 Newfoundland runners planning on running the Chicago Marathon (CM) next Sunday (7 Oct). This is the week to run about 20% of your former training volumes and  to continue with the intensity. Maybe the hardest thing to do this week is to stay calm and rest more. Equally important is to remember to take in lots of fluids, not just the day before the marathon. Combine those extra fluids with extra carbs 2-3 days before Sunday to bulk up your glycogen stores. More info on carbs/glycogen here: http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-238-267–11428-F,00.html

 To help you maintain those builtup stores, you shouldn’t plan to run much during this phase as it would be counterproductive.  An easy early morning run on Saturday will take care of those pre-race jitters. No last minute changes should be considered. Your last 20 weeks of training prove you are ready! 

 Monday: Rest

 Tuesday:  (CM) 8k at race pace /// 30 minute tempo run

 Wednesday: (CM) 11k at race pace /// 11k recovery run or cross-train or rest

 Thursday: (CM) rest /// 2 x 4000m , 2’30”

 Friday: (CM) rest /// 8k recovery run or cross-train or rest 

 Saturday: (CM) 6k easy. At 3k mark do 4 x 30-second strides at 10-K to half-marathon race pace /// 16k race pace run for Toronto marathoners

 Sunday: (CM) race day! ///  22k (for Niagara Oct 23) later marathons 30+k

 Looking forward to running with you next Sunday!





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