Countdown to Ch…

Countdown to Chicago

Congratulations to everyone who ran in the Huffin Puffin yesterday. ANE was fully represented in the Marathon, Half-marathon and the Relay. Despite the head wind (esp for marathoners) and the humidity, there were PBs all around. I was proud to be part of the third place relay team (the PJs), where we collectively ran the marathon distance in 3:09. It was great fun, following our team mates, cheering them on and watching all the other runners throughout the race. Quite a different perspective! With all of our team completing in the relay for the first time, I know seeing that finishing time added to our on-going respect to those faster marathoners!


The PJs:(l-r) Joanna Harris, Josee Hotton, Janet Angel & me)

This week’s workout is again divided between those running in Chicago in 13 days and others who are running later Fall marathoners. Remember taper does not mean more rest, just less mileage.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 30 minute Tempo from RR at 1800. The usual route down to the Boulevard.

Wednesday: Rest ( for Chicago) or 8 k recovery or cross-train

Thursday:  3 x 3000m / 6′. Meet at 1730 at RR. 3000m route will be up and down the Boulevard. Note earlier time due duration and early evening darkness.

Friday: 8k recovery run or cross-train or rest

Saturday: 16k run (for Chicago @ marathon pace), Steady 10k run.

Sunday:: Rest (for Chicago) 22 k long run for marathons on Oct 14, 32k for later fall marathons

Happy Trails!




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24 September 2012 · 08:25

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