Taper for Chicago has begun!

We had another great long run on Sunday, even saw one moose on the course! My IT band issue seems to be under control as I would expect that running 35k with the last 1/4 run at marathon pace would have set it off. Here’s hoping! The TORQ gels and TORQ Energy drinki did not upset my guts either so I’ll continue using it. However I may carry only two bottles of it and two of water next time. The Huffin Puffin route is a challenge due to its elevations after which it is only normal to feel tired but you should also realize you are now ready for a marathon, after having punched our many weeks of training together. For those running Chicago, your taper has begun! Time for more rest and run less overall miles(mainly in the long run distances). But this won’t mean a reduction in effort in regards speed. Such an approach will have you more rested but also peaking when you toe up to the start line in 20 days. 

This week’s plan:

Tuesday: 30 minute tempo from RR at 1800

Wednesday: 8k recovery or cross train or rest

Thursday: Meet at RR at 1800 4 x 2000m/ 5′
Friday: 8k recovery or cross train or rest
Saturday: rest if running in the Huffin Puffin or 11k steady
Sunday: 22k long run (for those running later fall marathons after Oct 7, I suggest another 30k run)

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