This week’s wo…

This week’s workout has various workouts on Thursday as the first of the fall marathons is only two weeks away (Huffin Puffin) and Chicago is now four weeks away. With that in mind, the Sunday run for Huffin Puffin racers should be no more than 16k while the rest of us will run up 35k. Also Tuesday evening’s tempo may be a write-off if the high winds that are forecast linger but the same forecast suggests they will drop out by suppertime. Stay tuned!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 30 minute Tempo run from RR at 1800 (weather permitting!)

Wednesday: 11k recovery or cross-train or rest

Thursday: RR @1800: Huffin Puffin: 3 x 4000m / 7′ rest ; Chicago: 5 x 1600m / 5′ rest ; Others: 9 hills 

Friday: 8k recovery run or cross-train or rest

Saturday: 10k steady   

Sunday: 35k following most of the Huffin Puffin (HP) route. Meet at 0730 at Bowering Park Parking Lot and carpool to 7k mark of the HP route.




10 September 2012 · 08:47

2 responses to “This week’s wo…

  1. Jody

    Hey Paul. What do you use for energy/nourishment on a long run? i carry my water, Gatorade and gels, but I don’t understand some of the other things people use or put in their water (electrolytes etc?).

    • There is lots of info on the web about this, Jody, so here’s my two cents worth. The main thing a runner has to do is figure out what works best for them and this can only be done in training runs. Everyone knows that it is never a good idea to experiment with some kind of super food/drink at the start of a marathon. That’s yet another part of what long runs are for! First, though, I think I also have to mention what I eat before I run and thereby reminding myself as part of a long run nutrition, I have to consider pre-run nutrition. This will ultimately become my pre-marathon race day breakfast; again not planning on experimenting on the big day. When I run first thing in the morning, I’ll will probably have not eaten for 10 hours or more and unless it’s a very short run, I always eat light breakfast about 1 to 1 1/2 hours before I run. This could be something like juice (or coffee if you must!) with a slice of toast or a small bowl of fruit or a small bowl of instant oatmeal. Sometimes I’ll also have a banana or an orange or some grapes, which I find easy to digest and are all loaded with carbohydrates.

      For runs more than 10k ( or speed sessions), I make sure I have 4 bottles of fluid in my fuel belt. I have made a habit of drinking one bottle every 8k , not always in one gulp at the 8k mark but over the distance. This method also helps avoid that bloated feeling some runners get when drink 6-8 oz all at once as I tend to gulp a lot of air drinking this way, ultimately leading to belching, which can throw off your breathing. Another comment about the 8k distance that works (call it the Josée 8k rule, thanks Josée Hotton!) because if I was basing my consumption on time (most studies suggest drinking 6-8 oz every 40-45 mins), it may become confusing late in the run, as my mind tends to get challenged by anything other than simple math, in the last 10-15 k and if I am running at a pace between 5:00 to 5:40 mins/km, then I cover 8k in that time period. So drink breaks come to be easily remembered as any km divisable by 8. Simple. You will also notice that I said “fluid” as I have tried and continue to experiment with various products that are electrolyte only that you add to water or a carbs/electrolyte drink or water with a solid carbs. You have to try and find what works best for you on a run. Trying a new food/drink in an office setting will not duplicate the stresses of the run. Some runners find the carb/electrolyte mix of various Gatorade products too sweet and I am in that group. For my last few marathons ( & my training for same) I’ve been using Nuun tablets as it seems to have stopped my chronic right calf cramping of my first four marathons. However, this past summer’s heat had me experimenting with Eload tablets but after onlt two long runs, my cramping returned so I went back to to using Nuun. Also, With no carbs in Nuun, I use TORQ gels for my carbs. Again, I have tried most of the gel products on the market: sharkies, GU, stingers, sportbeans, but continue to return to TORQ as I find it easy to injest as the gel formulation is quite watery. This coming weekend for our 35k long run, I will again experiment by replacing Nuun with TORQ Energy powder for my hydration with the TORQ gels and yes, I know, it’s less than 4 weeks until Chicago. But it’s the only way to find out, isn’t it?

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