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7 more sleeps to Chicago

This is the final week of tapering for at least 11 Newfoundland runners planning on running the Chicago Marathon (CM) next Sunday (7 Oct). This is the week to run about 20% of your former training volumes and  to continue with the intensity. Maybe the hardest thing to do this week is to stay calm and rest more. Equally important is to remember to take in lots of fluids, not just the day before the marathon. Combine those extra fluids with extra carbs 2-3 days before Sunday to bulk up your glycogen stores. More info on carbs/glycogen here:,7120,s6-238-267–11428-F,00.html

 To help you maintain those builtup stores, you shouldn’t plan to run much during this phase as it would be counterproductive.  An easy early morning run on Saturday will take care of those pre-race jitters. No last minute changes should be considered. Your last 20 weeks of training prove you are ready! 

 Monday: Rest

 Tuesday:  (CM) 8k at race pace /// 30 minute tempo run

 Wednesday: (CM) 11k at race pace /// 11k recovery run or cross-train or rest

 Thursday: (CM) rest /// 2 x 4000m , 2’30”

 Friday: (CM) rest /// 8k recovery run or cross-train or rest 

 Saturday: (CM) 6k easy. At 3k mark do 4 x 30-second strides at 10-K to half-marathon race pace /// 16k race pace run for Toronto marathoners

 Sunday: (CM) race day! ///  22k (for Niagara Oct 23) later marathons 30+k

 Looking forward to running with you next Sunday!





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Countdown to Ch…

Countdown to Chicago

Congratulations to everyone who ran in the Huffin Puffin yesterday. ANE was fully represented in the Marathon, Half-marathon and the Relay. Despite the head wind (esp for marathoners) and the humidity, there were PBs all around. I was proud to be part of the third place relay team (the PJs), where we collectively ran the marathon distance in 3:09. It was great fun, following our team mates, cheering them on and watching all the other runners throughout the race. Quite a different perspective! With all of our team completing in the relay for the first time, I know seeing that finishing time added to our on-going respect to those faster marathoners!


The PJs:(l-r) Joanna Harris, Josee Hotton, Janet Angel & me)

This week’s workout is again divided between those running in Chicago in 13 days and others who are running later Fall marathoners. Remember taper does not mean more rest, just less mileage.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 30 minute Tempo from RR at 1800. The usual route down to the Boulevard.

Wednesday: Rest ( for Chicago) or 8 k recovery or cross-train

Thursday:  3 x 3000m / 6′. Meet at 1730 at RR. 3000m route will be up and down the Boulevard. Note earlier time due duration and early evening darkness.

Friday: 8k recovery run or cross-train or rest

Saturday: 16k run (for Chicago @ marathon pace), Steady 10k run.

Sunday:: Rest (for Chicago) 22 k long run for marathons on Oct 14, 32k for later fall marathons

Happy Trails!



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24 September 2012 · 08:25

Taper for Chicago has begun!

We had another great long run on Sunday, even saw one moose on the course! My IT band issue seems to be under control as I would expect that running 35k with the last 1/4 run at marathon pace would have set it off. Here’s hoping! The TORQ gels and TORQ Energy drinki did not upset my guts either so I’ll continue using it. However I may carry only two bottles of it and two of water next time. The Huffin Puffin route is a challenge due to its elevations after which it is only normal to feel tired but you should also realize you are now ready for a marathon, after having punched our many weeks of training together. For those running Chicago, your taper has begun! Time for more rest and run less overall miles(mainly in the long run distances). But this won’t mean a reduction in effort in regards speed. Such an approach will have you more rested but also peaking when you toe up to the start line in 20 days. 

This week’s plan:

Tuesday: 30 minute tempo from RR at 1800

Wednesday: 8k recovery or cross train or rest

Thursday: Meet at RR at 1800 4 x 2000m/ 5′
Friday: 8k recovery or cross train or rest
Saturday: rest if running in the Huffin Puffin or 11k steady
Sunday: 22k long run (for those running later fall marathons after Oct 7, I suggest another 30k run)

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Last long run (…

Last long run (35km) this morning for Chicago marathon 2012 prep.  Final practice for all my racing plans, so I’m trying a new drink: TORQ Energy along with TORQ gels which I have tried previously and have liked as I find them more syrupy and therefore easier to swallow. Most of the  gels i have tried have made me gag as I try to eat them. Hoping my IT band problem is finally over.  This run will certainly tell me.

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16 September 2012 · 06:44

This week’s wo…

This week’s workout has various workouts on Thursday as the first of the fall marathons is only two weeks away (Huffin Puffin) and Chicago is now four weeks away. With that in mind, the Sunday run for Huffin Puffin racers should be no more than 16k while the rest of us will run up 35k. Also Tuesday evening’s tempo may be a write-off if the high winds that are forecast linger but the same forecast suggests they will drop out by suppertime. Stay tuned!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 30 minute Tempo run from RR at 1800 (weather permitting!)

Wednesday: 11k recovery or cross-train or rest

Thursday: RR @1800: Huffin Puffin: 3 x 4000m / 7′ rest ; Chicago: 5 x 1600m / 5′ rest ; Others: 9 hills 

Friday: 8k recovery run or cross-train or rest

Saturday: 10k steady   

Sunday: 35k following most of the Huffin Puffin (HP) route. Meet at 0730 at Bowering Park Parking Lot and carpool to 7k mark of the HP route.



10 September 2012 · 08:47

This week’s plan

I will be missing you all on both Tuesday and Thursday due to meetings I have in Ottawa but I’ll be back for the Sunday long run.  I also realize that you missed your hills last week but all agreed as to the benefit  of the Yasso 800s. So thus week we will do those Hills this week and next, and then we will be finished with hill workouts and concentrate on long intervals instead as we close in on the fall marathons. Those of you doing Huffin Puffin will have begun your 3 week taper  this week. Be sure to just drop your overall volume of miles but continue to do all speed sessions to maintain your training effect. 

Monday: rest 

Tuesday:  25 minute tempo

Wednesday: 11k or cross train or rest

Thursday: 8 hills

Friday: 8k or cross train or rest

Saturday: 10k steady run

Sunday: 35k route TBA

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