This week’s plan

Hope everyone had another great weekend! For those of us lucky enough to run the Marine Drive route this past weekend, there were sightings of moose on Saturday

Can you see the moose in the field?

and a few paused on Sunday  to get  pictures of beautiful Middle Cove.

sunny Middle Cove on Sunday’s 24 k run

This week’s plan:
Monday: Rest
Tuesday : meet at RR at 1800…Tempo ( 10′-15′ warmup, 20 mins at tempo speed, 10′-15′  cooldown)
Wednesday: 11k recovery run or cross-training or rest
Thursday: meet at  RR at 18000…. 6 hills ( warmup, 6 x 550m hills, cooldown)
Friday: 8k recovery run or cross-training or rest
Saturday: 10k steady run
Sunday: Long run is the 27k Windsor Lake loop


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2 responses to “This week’s plan

  1. Jody

    Hey Paul, great site again, thanks as always for the insights. But one question if you don’t mind. I see your section on the tempo runs say that for the marathon we should build our tempo runs up to 8-10 miles, but your training schedule does not seem to reflect any significant increase in the mileage for tempo runs. Can you clarify that one for me? Please and thanks.

  2. Yes, Jody, glad you noticed the difference. I believe, as many do, that the key workout of any running program is the tempo run and in my schedule, I have one 20 min tempo planned for each Tuesday. However, that doesn’t mean that we will only do that tempo workout as a group each week. Rather we will increase the overall time of the tempo (& therefore the distance) as we get closer to the fall marathons, with the main emphasis being increasing the time running at your lactate threshold. This partners with the long run,which builds cardio fitness, as the tempo run allows the runner to further push up the threshold (or maximum fatigue point), ultimately increasing your overall ability to run further and faster.

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